Hayley Madison

Exotic Luxury Brand

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

The Idea

Courtney Mitchell founded her illustrious, exotic skin accessories brand Hayley Madison, LLC in 2015.  The collection includes handbags, wallets, and belts, pieces for her, him and extra trinkets for everyday life. Courtney’s obsession is an exotic range of snake skins, ostrich,  anaconda and caiman which  are all sourced all over the world that allows her to create and manipulate material.  Each one of her pieces is handmade, and Courtney collaborates extensively with artisans globally  whose knowledge of the raw material craft has been passed down through the generations.

Style & Quality

Courtney’s creative influence is drawn from her upbringing in Charlotte, NC and an obsession with raw reptile and leather skin over the years.  She honed her finely tuned southern sophisticates -meets-classic urban diaspora aesthetic through her grandfather’s leather store in NYC.  In 2016, she began experimenting with raw exotics skins customizing the durability and weight  for creation of long lasting luxury products. Her first luxury collections is where Courtney experimented with bright color dyes creating a more fresh approach to luxury that fits in the everyday life for all ages.

100% Handmade

All items are designed with specific details and then handmade. Some styles can be made to order.  Each item does contain minor details differences that make Hayley Madison unique. She hopes to inspire other urban artist to create eclectic luxury products with natural materials that will be past down for generation to come.